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Sad bio for Instagam

Sad Bio For Instagram For Boys

Sad Boy 😔
Broken 💔
Sad Vibes🎶🎧
Life is Bitch ❤️❤️
Plz Leave Me Alone🙏

🐉🍪 𝔞𝕝𝓞ήє ßㄖ𝐲 💔
Ŵ𝒾ⓢℍ мᵉ ⓐ𝓶 𝕓яⓄ𝕜𝐞几 🎂🍴
β𝐢𝔾 Ⓞ𝒇 𝐚𝓻𝓲jĮ𝕥 👈
G𝐲爪 lό𝐯є𝕤 💪
ภ𝐎 𝕊Μⓞкι𝐧Ꮆ 🚭
ι𝓷tǪa𝕞 😍
ⓐтᵗƗ𝐭υ𝕕E 😎
𝓑E нαℙ𝓹ⓨ 😎🐍

Dont wish me I am broken🎂
Student ❤️
Broken Lover 😢
Sad Music Addict 😘
Ek Bewafa Larki Thi😌
Broken andSingle ☝️
You Brock Me 💔
I Hate You🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Brocken HẸÃŘŤ..💔

😎 Sad Boy☠️🚬
👉Single 💔
👔Teri Yaad
♍I’m Not Rich ßut I’m Royal 👑

👑[email protected]_BoY👑
🎂Royal~Entry🎂24 June🎂
😔Alone _ Lover 💔
No Attitude 💢
🔇 Miss You Raani 🔇

Devil Is Broken 💀
📷 Photoholic 📷
✌️ Single 💓
Shakht Launda🤣♥️

💔 Alone Lover BRoken in pieces 💔
❤️Gym Freak🏋️
❤️Búllét_ To EX 😘
💔 Brocken HẸÃŘŤ 💔

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Sad Bio for Instagram Girls

Sad Girl 💔
Broken Lover 😭😭
Ek bewafa ki Yaad 😌😌
Love My Bewafa 😍
Long Drive Lover ✌
Rudey 💃
12 March 🎂

💔It’s. Broken Angel💔
😎Attitude Girl.😎
Alone and Broken 🙁🙁
Day He Left me 20 Feb 😭
Black Lover🖤
Ktm Bike Lover🏍
Smoking🚬 & Drinking🥃

●SiMple But Sad😊
●GhuMnA FirNAa😉
●Day We met 16 Dec 🎂
● I HaTe LoVe 💔😤
●Besties Lover 💙
● SaD SOnGs LoVer🎶

😍 Brokn Princess👰
👿 Devil Inside 😎
😙 Selfie Lover 😘
💔 Broken 💔 ♥️
😥 Hay Mra Dil✌
😔 Plz Leave Me Alone 😔

❤Single AND ALONE ❤
👉F**k my X👍 💗
📚 Medical 📚
🎧sad song 💖
😭 Broken 💗
✌Virat Kohli Fan✌

#Daddy’s Girl But Broken 🤦‍♀️
#Respect For All😉
#Alone Lover 💔
#🎉🎂20 April🎁🎊
#Queen Thi EX📲
#ILove SAD Music🎶

Beauty Queen…..😇
Entry In This World_ Five August 😘
Pappa Ki Pari.. ❤
Broken Queen 👑 ❤
Gujju Girl ❤
Alone Soul 🤦‍♀️😭
My Mom+Dad=My World❤

👛Shopping Lover 😉
👿Crazy Girl😈
😎Attitude 💯🔥
💔BRoken Single 💔
❤️Wish Me On 11 March

Sad Bio in English

The one whose success cannot be stopped, his notoriety begins

f you don’t see me, these lips don’t even smile. Come on, that smile is waiting for you

You are the only one who is worried about my separation. We too are desolate in your desire.

I will wait for a lifetime but don’t delay in coming

People are afraid of death and we are afraid of your separation

Ask him about the torment of the roads
His companion is a calf on a journey

The days are passing without death
Believe is the gift of your courage

Now if I die in your Hajj
So it was not the Lord’s will to say this
Ask them about the ways of punishment

The caravan has left
I fainted in The shock of your departure

He died of a blood clot in his veins, otherwise
I was shocked by your separation

Sometimes alone sometimes in solitude
We have endured pain in our separation

Broken Bio For Instagram

“I will not allow myself to feel unchosen every day. Besides, I’ll stay out of it until the moment it does.

“He lives on what he puts on the table today, not on what he took away yesterday.

“Make it your business to start over. It’s a great opportunity to renew what’s really important to you.”

“Breathe later, breathe out the past.”

“Try not to cry because it’s over, smile because it is had worked”. most feared in the world.

“We must be complete individuals to pursue complete love”

“The individuals who hasten to go are the ones who never intended to stay.

“Hearts will never have their feet on the ground until they resist.

“Never allow anyone to be your need while allowing yourself to be their choice.

“The hardest thing I’ll ever do is stop loving you.

“Six letters, two words, easy to say, hard to understand, harder to do: keep going.

“Love is real . Connections are not.

“The most sensual love has the coldest end.

“We should give up the existence we arranged in order to have the existence that awaits us.

“If you really need closure… after all, you must close the entrance.

“Here and there your heart needs an extra chance to see what your psyche definitely knows.

“You cannot begin the next chapter of your life assuming that you will always go through it again.

“What do you do when the guy who upsets you the most is the one who can fix it?

“Sharp are the bolts of a broken heart.

“The way they go lets you know everything.

“The hardest thing about quitting is understanding that the other person has done it before.

“It’s wiser to be single with a rule , than to lose

“Try not to let someone undeserving of your worship make you forget how much you are worth.

“Try not to take a wrong step, because you have enough .

“A catastrophe is a gift from God. It’s just His approach so you understand that He saved you from someone who is unacceptable.”

Funny SAD Bio For Instagram

“I’ve never hated a man so much that I gave him his jewelry back.

“I’m tired of trusting my gut. It keeps giving me terrible guidelines.

“Please don’t let Adele fool you. You’ll never find someone like me.

“One day they will understand that they lost a jewel playing with useless stones.

” I really want to believing you’re stepping on a Lego.

“No one but time can get their heart back, just like no one but time can mend their shattered arms and legs.

“Love lasts about seven years. That’s how long it takes for the body cells to completely crowd out.” So she won’t cry when it’s over. She smiles because it’s finally someone else’s business.

“We really want to take our relationship to the previous level.

“You’ve never been heartbroken until you have to prevent and erase everything after a breakup”.

Sad Bio Qoutes For Instagram

Finally, you need to understand that certain people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

From time to time I feel everything at once. Different days, I feel nothing at all.I have no idea which is more terrifying: drowning under the waves or kicking the bucket from thirst.

People don’t cry because they are weak, but because they have strengths, because they have been there too long.

In some cases, all you can do at this point is lie in bed and want to nod before it falls apart.

The emptiness feels so heavy.

The most terrible tendency is wanting to cry and holding back it because you are in broad daylight.

Quiet tears contain the most intense aggravation.

Have you ever needed to cry and no tears come, so you just stare into space and feel your heart break in pieces?

She walks a fine line between giving up and getting the best out of herself.

Imagine yourself during the day. Towards evening we rest inside.

That second when you burst into tears in your room and realize no one knows how down you are.

I can’t remember what it’s like not to feel broken.

She’s stuck, but she’s exhausted now anyway.

We talked for quite a while. Check us out now.

You are reluctant to let people know how you feel because it will kill them, so you hide it somewhere inside where it will wipe you out.

In fact I love you. Anyway, I’m done fighting for your attention.

In many cases I remain silent while screaming inside.

I could say “I’m fine” with tears in my eyes and you would still accept that I am.

We are like dominoes; I succumb to you, you succumb to another.

To the point where you’ve felt miserable for so long that you don’t cry when something terrible happens, you just stand there and feel numb.

The saddest thing on the planet is loving someone who used to adore you.

“I’ll hang around for you all the time,” they said…then they left at that point.

I thought I lost you but you were never really there.

Sad Bio For Instagram in Hindi

उदासी समय के पंखों पर उड़ जाती है।

दुख तो दो बगीचों के बीच की दीवार है।

आपको अपने आप को उदासी से अभिभूत नहीं होने देना चाहिए।

उदासी को दूर रखने के लिए हम अपने चारों ओर जो दीवारें बनाते हैं, वे भी खुशी को दूर रखती हैं।

उदासी के काम करने का तरीका दुनिया की अजीबोगरीब पहेलियों में से एक है। यदि आप एक बड़े दुख से त्रस्त हैं, तो आप ऐसा महसूस कर सकते हैं जैसे कि आप को जला दिया गया है, न केवल भारी दर्द के कारण, बल्कि इसलिए भी कि आपका दुख आपके जीवन में फैल सकता है, जैसे कि एक विशाल आग से धुआं।

कहाँ मिटाओगे मेरी यादें

हम आपको हर मोड़ पर याद करेंगे

कभी-कभी मुझे लगता है कि वह सोच रही होगी

तब मुझे आश्चर्य होता है कि मैं क्या सोचता हूँ


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