Top Best Bio For Facebook (2022) Boys And Girls

If you are wondering about what to write in your Facebook Bio to make your account look professional and cool. Then you are at right place just follow this post for Best bio for Facebook.

In this post we have shared Best bio for Facebook of boys and girls. Cool, Attitude and short bio for your Facebook account. Which you can use in your bio to make your account different from your friends and gain popularity on social media.

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Best Attitude Facebook bio for boys

I’m the ruler of my life

Judge me and I’ll prove you wrong.

Impossible is not in my dictionary.

No alarm clock is needed. My passion wakes me up.

Don’t secret agent on me reason I’m now no longer going to offer you a 2nd chance

Keep far away from me; you can not buy me

I don’t care about attitude, So put your attitude in your pocket.

There is no competition because nobody is like me.

Heaven won’t have me… and hell is afraid I’ll take over!

My temperament does not match with your expectations; live away!

I’m a demon for your beaming world

Why follow your dreams when you can follow me instead?

I really am ruggedly handsome, aren’t I?

My haters are my biggest motivators.

Good, better, and best; sorry, I’m now no longer fit into this adjective

I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.

I am a wild woman. It would take a warrior to tame my spirit.

Dress like Jackie. Act like Audrey. Inspire like Lilly. Party like Gatsby.

Move on; my definition is one-of-a-kind than yours

Hallucinate me reason I’m a shadow

I really trust in a Self version

Don’t try and dig me; you may be lost

They said I couldn’t, so I did.

Be good, do good, look good.

Follow me if you fancy being second.

This is who I am. Nobody said like me.

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Cool Bio For Facebook for Girls and Boys

With my heart, I’m so much in love with me.

My biggest motivators are my haters.

Call me a slay queen; I slay anything you can imagine.

It’s your loss if you say you never heard me.

I love being hated because it motivates me.

Don’t let life knock you down, just breathe and believe it will all end well

Never compare language to the complexity of human emotions, they are not the same

The mind is unique. It is the key to whether you win or lose I’m not sure how many problems, I have because math is one of them.

Gifted Napper, talker, and ice cream eater.

A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.

I work an unpaid internship as a professional nerd.

I’d rather die in my ways than try living

Awesome? That I am. Perfect? Not at all, but welcome to my space anyway.

I am a man with passion and a heart of gold.

Women always call me ugly until they find out how much money I make.

The problem is normal wasn’t in my DNA. I was destined to be forever freakish.

Hushing! Hushing! My pets are sleeping

Beauty with the brain is an old combination; the new is yet to come

Love at first sight; I stop blinking my eyes

Grow up, baby! I’m gonna crazy to see your first step

The aww feeling of life; we are parents now

Growing your footprint; hold my hands, baby

Waiting for the day to come: yes, I want to keep you in my lap

Great days are coming with the excellent feeling ever; officially, I’m yours now

I don’t see myself as extremely handsome. I just figure I can charm you into liking me.

When I accept myself, I became freed from the burden of needing your acceptance of me.

Analogue by birth, digital by design. #AlwaysMe

Why look up at the stars when you’re in the biggest star timeline?

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Stylish Bio For Facebook

I am definitely the best of my kind

This is my organization, I run things as I see fit

Whatever you do, be good at it.

 take a lot of pride in being myself. I’m comfortable with who I am so don’t bother about me.

You all laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same.

My best friend is me, and I always take good care of me.

I am…. me. No matter what I say or do, I’m still and will always be me.

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.

Doesn’t matter whether I fail or succeed, it shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force behind #me.

I’m working on myself for myself by myself.

Always believe in yourself. If you don’t, who will?

Never forget that I am one of a kind.

What matters is who I really am; forget what you think you see

No one can save you but you

Sweet or sour, I can be whatever you like; it’s your choice.

Free as a bird, that’s what I am. You are welcome to explore

I’m far from perfect but I’m a complete human.

Unlock the doors, enjoy the breeze, take your time and enjoy the space

Come into the space and let every one of your terrors be erased

You might want to leave the normal and embrace a bit of oddity. Let’s get you started

I am neither a status nor a post, you don’t have to like or love me

Always classy, never trashy, and a little bit sassy

 I don’t know where I am going but I am on my way.

 Being single is just a status, not destiny.


Attitude and class will always be my first preference


I am the queen of my own little kingdom…

You can ask Tommy, Hilfiger it out!

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best bio for facebook

Best Facebook bio Without Text


♦️Cute Boy♦



⫹ (★) ⫺
༒ ▼ ▩ ♨ ️▩ ▼༒
★Always Happy
⫹ ༺ ★ ༻ ⫺
༒ ▲ ▩ 💧💧💧💧 ▩ ▲ ༒
༻ ༺ ★ ༻ ⫺


Welcome to My Account

⭕Zidi Rajpoot⭕

꧁𑁍Love Of My Life𑁍꧂

’•,` 🖤 ` •’King Of Fcebook


♦️♦️♦️Official Account


┏━━━•| ♝ |•━━━┓
┗━━•| ♝ |•━━┛

🗼Stop And Follow🗼


◢ ◣
꧁⃣⃢💖 Once A king Is Always King💖⃢⃣꧂


VIP Bio For Facebook Boys and Girls

🌹The Bad Boy
🍉Health & Fitness
💐Single 110%👑
☁️The Ghost Rider👽
🎬The FB Model🎥

👰Prince Of Persia🏙
✴I Love My India✴
💃Dancer 💃
🚫️Not Call Me Cuty 🙅
😋Crazy Boy😏
🚫Hate LOVE🚫
☙Pro Life🏁

🟡》▪Mr. YourName😎
🔴》▪King Of 16 October👑
🔵》▪Single Person☺️
🟤》▪Student Of Science👔
🟣》▪Music Addict🎶
🟠》▪Happy Soul👻
🟢》▪Friends Forever👬

⚀The Ceazy Lover
⚀ Evil Mind
😛 PubG Headshot
😂 Lover🔫 No Girls
👍 No Tencion 😂

★🔘★》Kamina Boy😜
★🔘★》Respect For Girls💥
❣️Wish Me On 3 October 🌹

█BadBoy [Name]♦️

😎Cute 😘 Kamina😎
😎Fashionable 👑Attitude🔥
♥️Photography King📷
🎶Music Lover🎶
🏏Cricket Lover🥎
🏍Sports Bike Lover🏍
🎂Royal Entry On 21 June🎂

👉MR.tiger 👈
👑Official Id🌟
🔶Lover Of Attitude Status💝
🔷Love #Mom#Dad😍
🔶Just Single😉
🔷Risky Rider🚷
🔶(Your Birth Date)🍰

👪Mom & Dad My 💞 World💞
👔Unique Personality 👔
🔥Royal Blood🩸
😘Big Dreamer😘
🙈Hak Se Single😝
🎂Royal Entry🎂7 October🎉

😈 Name ↪ Kisko Maalum↩
😕 Age↪ Shaddi Karega↩
🤑 Education ↪ Kaam Deega↩
💜 Lover ↪ Meri MAA↩
🤔 Inspiration ↪ Mera बाप↩
⛔ Bio ↪ No Need↩

✴MR ✴king✴
💻Apple Macbook💻
💼Pro Bussines💼
📂File Maneger🗂
❤Royal Enfield Bullet❤
🏹Jay Shree Ram🙏

🔹 ḶṏṼḕ ṖḧṏṮṏḠṙḀṖḧẏ 📷
🔹 ṀṳṠḭḉ ḬṠ Ṁẏ ṠṏṳḶ 🎧
🔹 ḞḀṆ Ṏḟ ḀḶḶṳ ḀṙjṳṆ 😎
🔹 Ḟṙṏṁ ḊḕḶḧḭ 🌁
🔹 ḂḶṏẇ ḈḀṆḊḶḕṠ ṎṆ 10 ṀḀẏ

༺❉{MR. Swag}❉༻
🏠♴Mumbai 🚩
🎂♵15th September🚩
👔♶Fashion Blogger🚩
👻♷Party Lover🚩
🎧♸Song Lover🚩
♻🚩Attitude 🚫🚩
♻Don’t Trust Anyone🚩
😉Sb Sahi Hai Bio Me 😆

💙King Of Haters 💙
😎Apna Time Ayega 🕛
😄Is Bharose Par😏
😇Matt Raho Kyo Ki🥰
😎Apna Time Aata Nahi❌
🥰Lana Padta He😎

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