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As we all know that first impression is the last impression and for business we have to create user friendly environment especially on social media. Your bio is the detailed reflection about yourself in a precise manner. Most people check your bio and photographs for a few seconds before deciding whether or not to follow you. They may opt to connect with your content or follow your account if your Instagram bio is appealing. If it isn’t, you may lose their attention… for good.

business bio for instagram

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Steps involving in creating business profile for your Instagram account:

Here are some steps, by following them you can make your Instagram bio attractive and can catch the attention of followers.

  • Switch to professional account
  • Selection of Instagram username
  • Selection of category for your business
  • Profile photo
  • Description
  • Contact options
  • Links
  • Action buttons
  • Story highlights
  • Effective hashtags
  • Ask clients for reviews

⦁ Switch to professional account:

There is an option of switching your account to professional level in edit profile option of Instagram. By doing so you can get some additional features which are listed below:

⦁ Adding contact and information
⦁ Monitoring insights of your posts and followers
⦁ Promoting your posts or account
⦁ Shopping from Instagram

By following steps that are written below you can easily switch your account to professional:

  • Click on person logo or account logo located at the right bottom.
  • Now click on edit profile button.
  • After clicking on edit profile scroll up and you’ll se switch to professional account option. Click on it.

After these steps it will ask for your business category from options select the category of your business and then press on done button.

⦁ Selection of Instagram username:

Your Instagram username serves as your @handle as well as your Instagram identity. It appears at the top of your Instagram profile page and is part of your profile URL ( Your name, on the other hand, is your true or entire brand name. You may be aware of acronyms or name variations often used for your brand name based on data sources such as audience and keyword analysis. Consider putting those in one place in your Instagram bio for business, such as your username.
Your username is one of the most important part of your account. Always try to be creative while deciding your name, if required you can also take help from the search engine. Select the user friendly name which should be easier to write and pronounce and try to relate it with the name of your business.

⦁ Selection of category for your business:

As it is written above that you have to select your business category while switching to professional account. It will help in search engine optimization like if someone is searching accounts by business category name to shop something your page or account may up the order in search suggestions. Instagram also allows you to designate if your business is a restaurant or a media and entertainment organization. If you allow it, this appears immediately under your business name, freeing up room in your Instagram bio for other crucial facts.

⦁ Profile photo:

Your profile photo is another way of attracting client and make it possible that it should be related to your brand name. Try to make logo of your brand and put it in profile picture of your Instagram business profile, it will become your identification and it will be easier for people to identify your page by your logo. Try to make logo with color which produce pleasant and sober effect on the eyes of beholder.
Here are some examples of attractive profile photos:

⦁ Description:

Try to write some text in bio which reflects the detail about your profile in precise and impactful manner. This is the section under your name, where you get to express yourself (or in this case, your brand personality). You have 150 characters to tell people what your Instagram profile is about, what your brand offers and why they should follow you. In this example you can see the bio of a random financial activist. According to the formatting of text’s perspective try to add space between lines of your bio so that it doesn’t look compact or congested.

⦁ Contact options:

Contact button is an option through which a client can contact you easily just on a single click. This button is located adjacent to edit profile button you can add your email address and WhatsApp number in this section, which makes contact quite easy so that a person can inquire about your business easily. Now a days most of people feel comfortable communicating via WhatsApp so this feature is a good option to spread or share details about your business.

⦁ Links:

This section is reserved to provide a path to your website or linked profile or any other kind of webpage. This option is useful in such a manner that if someone visits your profile this option pops up and show them the website link so that they can visit your linked in profile or your website to see the items you are selling or which kind of dealing you are doing, this step is also very beneficial from the point of view of placing orders.

⦁ Action Buttons:

You can free up more space in your Instagram bio if you make the most of the call-to-action buttons available for your Instagram Business account. This allows people to take action directly from your Instagram profile while on the mobile app, making it easier for customers to convert actions – from buying tickets to booking a table.

To add an action button to your business profile:

⦁ Go to your business profile on Instagram.
⦁ Tap Edit Profile.
⦁ Under Public Business Information, tap Contact Options.
⦁ Tap Add an action button.
⦁ Select the action button you want to add to your business profile and tap Save (iOS) or the check mark icon (Android). You need an existing account with a partner to select them. Visit the website of the partner you want to add to learn more.
⦁ After you enter the website URL, tap save (iOS) or the check mark icon (Android).
Only one action button can be displayed on your profile at a time.

This button shop or view shop is the creation of action button, it is useful for those businesses who have new startup and don’t have website, and those people can use this button in the beginning of their startup.

⦁ Story highlights:

This section is used to add your old stories in a section namely story highlights which can be seen anytime by the visitor of your profile.
This is the effective way to show the reviews about your products, so it provides an impression about your business. You can also add the pictures of your different products here.

⦁ Insert Hashtags:

Use hashtags which you see or consider common or you see daily on Instagram, its benefit is that whenever a user will search something related to business or other related keywords there will be higher probability that your business will pop up in top suggestions on Instagram.
Use less but effective Hashtags, focus on quality rather than quantity.

⦁ Review of your product:

Ask your customers to post review about your product on their stories and mention you, and you should re-share their stories on yours to reflect the positive views about your product, it will create interest about your product among people and will eventually lead to the growth of your business.


⦁ Food Business:

For food business, it is necessary to post tempting pictures of your food items on your profile which will make your profile attractive.

⦁ Clothing Business:

For clothing business hire some models or people who can show your clothes item by wearing because it is the only way to create a good impact in clothing field on your clients.

⦁ Art Business:

For art related business page add some quotations in your bio especially related to art and post colorful and high definition pictures on your profile.

⦁ Footwear business:

Here is an example of footwear business bio on Instagram which will help you in creating your profile in an attractive manner.

⦁ Travel Business:

Add pictures of beautiful destinations on your profile and stories on daily and use hashtags in your bio like #travel #tour #travel_diaries #business.

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